For wine and cheese connoiseurs

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Mexican wines and cheese? Yes, they existt! The Queretaro semi-desert is the place for gourmets.

Mexican wine and cheese region is located just 2 hours away from Mexico City. It’s a perfect place for people with sophisticated palate. Visit the cheese farmhouses, or rather ranchos, where you can find the traditional art of cheese making.  After the visit at the rancho and degustation of the artisanal produce, we’ll move on to the wineries – Freixenet vineyards where you can explore the winery and wine-aging tunnels while sipping wine. The guide will walk  you through the history, the commitment and the dedication that goes into every bottle of wine they sell.

visit in cheese rancho + visit in vineyard + wine and cheese degustation

Includes: transport from Mexico City, tour in the vineyard and in the rancho, guide, degustation

Length: 1 day

Tour code: MQV1-Eng

Tour dates: 30 Aug, 1 Sept, 12 Sept

Price: 750 MXN