Lucha libre – put your mask on!

To those who have heard of it, Lucha Libre is a curious type of Mexican wrestling, in which men, women and little people (dressed in flashy costumes and tacky horror movie masks) strike, hurl, crash, stomp and squeeze one another to the escalating euphoria of the crowd.

Lucha Libre is inextricably bound to Mexican history, mass media, entertainment and pop culture ever since the beginnings of the 20th century. The masks became an essential requisite during the debut of the Santo (Saint) in the 1940s. Santo, the greatest luchador of all times, aroused the public fascination with his unique style of fighting and mysterious secret identity, a custom which became an honorary obligation later on.

Another fascinating part of the sport is the crowd, mostly consisting of families with babies. You may find yourself sitting behind a sweet old lady, reminding you of your granny. Until she stands up and starts yelling “Matalo, matalo! (Kill him, kill him!), right before her favorite luchador performs an impressive power slam.

To see a Mexican free fighting show in Arena Mexico is an unforgettable experience, simply entertainment gold and a must-do!


We’ll pick you up from your hotel around 19h30 and take you to Arena Mexico.

Includes: roundtrip transportation, admission with seats close to the ring, wrestling mask as a souvenir

Excludes: drinks or beer at the Arena

Length: approx. 4 hours

Recommendations: It is not allowed to bring cameras or video cameras into the arena (but a phone is fine!). Bring enough cash for drinks or food (no ATMs)

Tour code: MML1-Eng

Price: 470 MXN