Around Mexico City

The French poet Andre Breton called it the most surreal place on the planet. The writer Salvador Novo said you don’t live in Mexico City, you merely practice it. Introducing the endlessly surprising and utterly fascinating D.F. (Distrito Federal).

It’s the city of the Aztecs and other indigenous civilizations. The city of Spanish colonialism and Christian basilicas. The home of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Most recently, it’s the third largest agglomeration in the world and it captivates visitors with its wonderful weirdness, the abundance of cultural activities and a mosaic of scenes. Every corner is sprinkled with stories of famous personalities and ancient tribes. The array of restaurants and cantinas is overwhelming and nightlife is considered one of the best in the world. To top it off, location among volcanoes and national parks offers  a variety of options for nature- and adrenaline-lovers.

Experience this vibrant and ever-changing city – through cantinas, masked wrestling, hot-air balloon rides and sporting events.

 Our trips:

Cantinas – history and folklore

Can the city’s history best be told in a bar? It certainly can in case of Mexico City! The cantina tradition is very much alive and is a cornerstone of Mexican cultural heritage. Travel back in time to the 1940s/50s and get a serving of folklore with your drink!

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Lucha libre – put your mask on!

To those who have heard of it, Lucha Libre is a curious type of Mexican wrestling, in which men, women and little people (dressed in flashy costumes and tacky horror movie masks) strike, hurl, crash, stomp and squeeze one another to the escalating euphoria of the crowd.

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Hot-air balloon ride over the City of Gods

Sail aboard a balloon as a gentle breeze carries you over the Teotihuacan Pyramids. What used to be the first device which allowed the man to fly, will now let you conquer the laws of gravity and view the world with a unique adventurous style. The City of Gods seen from a great new perspective!

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Sports tour

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