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The French poet Andre Breton called it the most surreal place on the planet. The writer Salvador Novo said you don’t live in Mexico City, you merely practice it. Introducing the endlessly surprising and utterly fascinating D.F. (Distrito Federal).

D.f. Mexico










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Driving through Queretaro semi desert and mountain ranges might be somewhat monotonous… until, out of the sudden, you see a gigantic mountain, in the middle of nowhere! It’s Peña de Bernal, the 3rd largest monolith in the world, known mostly among pilgrims, shamans and New Age practitioners. It is also visited by rock climbers who take up the challenge to reach its top.

Queretaro, México










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Imagine a place so beautiful, so peaceful and so rich in adventure opportunities – and yet unexplored by tourists. Imagine luscious green vegetation, dozens of caves and waterfalls, little tenek villages and archeological sites. This is La Huasteca, a region full of hidden paradise spots and unforgettable activities for everyone.

Huasteca Potosina, Mexico












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Hidalgo vacations can be adventurous, exciting, romantic, relaxing and educational all at once. It is an ideal place for an authentic Mexican trip and a fantastic place for thrill-seekers to get their adrenaline boost. Hiking, camping, canyoning, rappelling and rock-climbing are just a few options.

Hidalgo, Mexico












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You will too when you see the lush green fields, sweet-tempered people, surprising archeological sites and matchless natural beauties.

Chiapas Mexico










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Mexican wine and cheese region is located just 2 hours away from Mexico City. It’s a perfect place for people with sophisticated palate. Visit the cheese farmhouses, or rather ranchos, where you can find the traditional art of cheese making.

Queretaro, México












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You’d love to spend your holidays on the beach but you can’t picture yourself lying on the sand all day long? Choose Mazaltan and let it awe you with its beautiful beaches, its colorful and picturesque streets and its endless selection of activities and extreme sports!

Sinaloa, México