Real Estate Tour of Mazatlan

Get to know the beautiful living districts by the sea, on first-class golf courses, in the marina, in the historic center and many other gorgeous tropical suburbs of Mazatlan.

The tour is organized for groups of 10-12 people, it has a duration of 3 days and consists of a real estate seminar and two days of custom tours adapted to the interests and needs of each of the group members. The real estate seminar will provide you with a great insight into the values, cutting edge investment options and different types of investment strategies suited to investors and buyers primary or secondary residence in Mazatlan. The guided real estate tour is a fascinating way to know some of the fastest-growing suburbs in Mazatlan and to discuss your investment ideas directly with market experts.

Would you like to combine learning and fun? We can enrich your stay with a weekend of fun in the beautiful Mazatlan. Ask us how!

Includes: accommodation, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), real estate seminar, guided tours of Mazatlan

Length: 3 days

Tour code: MSR1-Eng

Price: 3500 MXN per person / 6000 MXN per couple