You’re standing on a perfectly stable ground. Everything inside you is telling you to stay where you are. Everyone else around you is saying “go for it!”

Your heart is racing, your palms are getting sweaty. You go through instructions again. You check your gear one more time. For the 6th time you ask your instructor “have you got me?”. Then you take a deep breath and – against all logic – you step off the edge, backwards, into the perfectly empty space, relying on a 11mm rope, a harness and a descender gear.

Scary as it sounds, rappelling is one of the greatest adventures which, unlike rock-climbing, doesn’t require special skills or prior experience. The real challenge is the mind!

For those with a thirst for adrenaline and a passion for the extreme, rappelling will give you the buzz you’re looking for.

Enchanting weekend (3 days)

Surrealist garden Xilitla + Cave of Swallows (Sotano de las Golondrinas) + Rappel + Tamul Waterfall + visit in Tequisquiapan

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Trails to the heart of Huasteca (5 days)

Surrealist garden Xilitla + Cave of Swallows (Sotano de las Golondrinas) + rappel + rafting + Tamtoc archeological site + Puente de Dios waterfall + Tamul waterfall + visit in Tequisquiapan

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Among deserts and mountains – Xoxafi + El Chico (2 days)

caving + rappel (cave) + zip line 1300mt + paintball+ hiking + rappel in El Chico National Park (2 descents)

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Pure adrenaline El Chico – rappel El Chico (1 day)

hiking + rappel (2 descents) + canyoning + relax + visit in Mineral del Monte

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Pure adrenaline Aguacatitla – canyoning (1 day)

hiking + rappel + swimming + jumping + free time

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