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Scary as it sounds, rappelling is one of the greatest adventures which, unlike rock-climbing, doesn’t require special skills or prior experience. The real challenge is the mind!

Huasteca Potosina, México












Come with us to the terrace of Mexico City – Ehecatl (the Wind Hill). Apart from over 40 climbing walls, this spot offers breathtaking view over the city. You’ll learn the basic climbing techniques, knots, the basics of anchoring and belaying- all the essentials you need to make this day both safe and fun. Enjoy your rock-climbing “intro” while savoring the views!

Estado de Mexico










We’ll leave Mexico City around 7 a.m. and head towards Bernal. Once we’re at the foot of Pena de Bernal, you’ll have free time to climb it. Afterwards we’ll visit the temazcal retreat where you’ll prepare for the ceremony. Your guide will monitor the ritual, help you through it once you’ve finished they’ll take you to the meditation room. After the relaxation time you’ll have vegetarian lunch. Before we head back to Mexico City we’ll make a stop in the center of Bernal where you’ll have some free time to enjoy this picturesque town. Return to the city in the evening.

Queretaro, Mexico











Mexican wine and cheese region is located just 2 hours away from Mexico City. It’s a perfect place for people with sophisticated palate.

Queretaro, México













Get to know the beautiful living districts by the sea, on first-class golf courses, in the marina, in the historic center and many other gorgeous tropical suburbs of Mazatlan.

Sinaloa, México









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